MISSION - As Disciples of Christ of First Christian Church of Whittier, California, we are committed to sharing the teachings of Jesus Christ with our neighbors everywhere through acts of love and caring. Our calling is to learn, grow, teach, and serve in a constantly changing world.

We are "A movement for wholeness in a fragmented world." (Disciples Identity Statement)

BELIEFS - As Disciples of Christ, we can only say with absolute certainty that there is one thing we all agree on:

      "Jesus Christ is Son of the Living God and our Savior." And that is enough.

Everything else takes a back seat to this central belief. Even what it means to be the Son of God or exactly how it is that Jesus will save us is a matter of personal belief, not something that we insist everyone be in complete agreement on. We have no creeds or affirmations; the Lord’s Prayer is our only universally shared liturgy.

PRACTICES - We are a Bible-based faith community, looking to scripture to guide and inform our beliefs and to increase our understanding of and relationship with Jesus. We are encouraged to share with one another openly and honestly how we have come to our understanding of scriptures and church traditions. We “agree to disagree agreeably,” and set aside every other difference when we gather weekly at the communion table where we celebrate the most important thing we all have in common, faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

We share a Communion Meal each week in worship where everyone is welcomed wherever they may be on their spiritual journey. The invitation to the table comes from Jesus Christ, not from our church.

We practice a “believer’s baptism” of submersion, but recognize and honor all other baptisms as valid. We dedicate infants to God’s glory and to pledge ourselves to provide them with teaching and nurturing within our Christian community.

Here at FCCW, we “pray well with others,” affirming God’s presence and activity in the many religious faiths and traditions of our neighbors. While we cherish the unique relationship we have with God through Christ, we recognize that there are other avenues to God and different relationships available via different traditions. We actively seek opportunities to learn about and from these other faith communities and to share our own beliefs with them in open dialogue.

Our local church is under the direct authority and control of our local membership and governed by our elected Executive and Elder boards and their committees. We are in a covenantal relationship with our Regional, National, and International Disciples churches; partnering with them in education, service, and church governance in its many forms.